What are the Best Hayati Products in 2024?

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What are the Best Hayati Products in 2024?

In the highly competitive vape market, the Hayati brand confirms that they are unveiling the finest products that deliver superior quality and performance. There are many options available in the market, but Hayati products are still gaining attention due to their innovative features, quality, and performance. Additionally, these products offer dense vapours and flavourful puff and also prevent vapers from any sudden accidents or short circuits, especially during usage or recharging time. It also satisfies every user’s requirement because this collection has remarkable features. In this guide, you will see a closer look at the best hayati products in 2024 in the hayati category. 

Hayati Disposable Vape

In the UK vape industry, the Hayati category deals with the best Hayati products in 2024 that are designed according to the vaper's demand and needs. These products have easy-to-use features that reduce the hassle of dealing with complicated settings and maintenance. In addition, vapers can use this device on a regular basis. The consistent performance increases the user's expectations, and the flavours of these vapes gratify the user's taste buds with every puff. 

Moreover, these devices have a sleek, compact, and portable design, so you can peacefully travel with them because they never add extra weight and easily fit in any place, whether you keep them in your bag or pocket. Their lightweight interface makes these devices easy to carry and use anywhere. These things can make them the go-to choice for vapers and allow them to enjoy a quality vape session.

Top Hayati Vape Products

The Hayati vapes has maintained its place in the vape marketplace because it presents new devices on a daily basis, and its devices deliver unbreakable performance and a satisfied throat hit.

Here, we will see the best hayati products in 2025:

  • Hayati Pro Mini 600
  • Hayati Pro Max 4000
  • Hayati Duo Mes 7000
  • Hayati Pro Ultra 15000

Hayati Pro Mini 600 Disposable Vape

The Hayati Pro Mini 600 is one of the best Hayati products, offering outstanding features that make it suitable for every type of user. Due to its highest quality, it delivers optimal performance. In addition, this device offers up to 600 puffs, which is best for enough use and gives the maximum number of puffing sessions. It is the best vape for those vapour who recently joined the vape industry and want a small puffing device. This device's features will upgrade your vape level and give you simplicity and reliability.

Features of Hayati Pro Mini 600

Here, we will see these features in detail:

  • 500mAh Built-In Battery: It offers a sufficient power supply and consistently delivers 600 puffs so that vapers can indulge in vaping and enjoy it. Due to its precharged battery, it eliminates the stress of frequently recharging.
  • Draw-Activated and MTL: It offers draw activation and a mouth-to-lung system that makes it easy to use. When you take the first puff, it instantly gives you vapour draws. Firstly, you will receive the notes on your mouth and then lungs, reminiscent of traditional e-cigarettes.
  • Compact Design: Its slim and lightweight design makes this device extra portable. It confirms that you can keep a firm grip when you use it. It is perfect for travel vapers.
  • No Maintenance Required: It is a maintenance-free disposable device. It comes ready to use, which means you can use it straightforwardly out of the box without the hassle of regular upkeep.
  • Quality Construction: It is made with premium material. It confirms that you always get stable performance without any breakdown until the last puff.
  • Variety of Flavours: It is available in many tasteful flavours that can satisfy every user's cravings. Every puff creates a memorable journey.

  • Advantages of Hayati Pro Mini 600

    It gives the exceptional benefits that make this device reliable. These benefits we discuss below:

    • User-Friendly: The user-friendly design and draw-activation mechanism of this product makes it more simple appropriate for regular vapers. 
    • Non-rechargeable Battery: This device is best for vapers who have busy lifestyles and no time to recharge and maintain their devices. These features make the lives of busy vapers peaceful. 

    Disadvantages of Hayati Pro Mini 600

    This device has limited disadvantages.

  • Limited Battery Life and Fixed Nicotine Strength: Its limited puff and battery capacity results in shorter vape sessions. The e-liquid level is fixed and not adjustable, so it never caters to all users' preferences.

  • Moreover, the Hayati Pro Mini 600 pack of 10 offers a cheap price that attracts many users and makes it an affordable option for retailers or individuals. This bulk buying deal is best as compared to buying individual devices. 

    Hayati Pro Max 4000 Disposable Vape

    The Hayati category made a groundbreaking device in the form of the Hayati Pro Max 4000 that provides the notable features that every vaper wants on today's edge. You can use this device anywhere without any trouble issues because of its noteworthy features.

    The Hayati Pro Max 4000 boasts a powerful battery that delivers over 4000 puffs, assuring vapers always have an extended period of uninterrupted and enjoyable vaping. This exceptional battery performance makes the device a reliable companion for relaxation and outdoor activities. 

    Features of Hayati Pro Max 4000

    We will discover the demanding features of the Hayati Pro Max 4000 in detail:

    • 1400mAh Built-In Battery: It is designed with a powerful 1400mAh built-in battery that comes in ready for use. This pre-charged feature is the top feature for on-the-go vapers, providing a robust power supply and long-lasting usage before the need for replacement.
    • 10ml E-Juice Capacity: This device gives you a longer prefilled 10ml e-liquid capacity that is ideal for seasoned or casual vapers who want more e-liquid capacity.
    • Flavour Options: It is available in 45+ different flavours in unique combinations. These mouth-watering flavours definitely provoke your taste buds and stay with you throughout the day. Their taste brings you back to wanting more.
    • 1.2Ohm Mesh Coil: The mesh coil technology endorses a consistent and flavourful puff with a satisfying throat hit, so you never get a harsh or dry vapour cloud. It distributes the heat evenly and increases the surface area of e-liquid to produce a thick cloud.
    • Slim Line, Compact and Easy to Pocket: This device has a slim design and is fully portable. It is easy to carry anywhere, and you can enjoy your vaping when you need it most. 
    • Draw-Activation Firing Mechanism: This firing mechanism is simple to activate because this device never has a button or any other complicated setting. This feature makes this device easy to use and straightforward. Inhale the puff and enjoy the sessions.
    • Fashionable and Maintenance-Free Design: Its crystal-clear design makes it the best device for style-conscious users. This device not only has a handy design but also a stylish look. It moderates the hassle of frequently expensive maintenance.
    • Top and Bottom Protective Cover Packaging: This device comes with a protective cover that prevents inconvenient activities and confirms the device's integrity during travel.

    Advantages of Hayati Pro Max 4000

    The Hayati Pro Max is the best Hayati product and offers essential benefits.

  • Extensive Puff Count and Battery Capacity: Its puff and battery capacity fulfil vaping needs before e-liquid depletion or battery death. It gratifies the user's cravings without the difficulty of refilling and recharging.
  • User-Friendly Features: This device offers many user-friendly and convenient features, making it suitable for every user.

  • Disadvantages of Hayati Pro Max 4000

    This device also has disadvantages that are given below:

  • Limited Usability: This device is a single-use device because it can never be recharged or refilled. You cannot use it multiple times, and once the battery dies or the e-liquid runs down, you will need to dispose of it.
  • Price: This device is a little more expensive than the Hayati Pro Mini 600 because it has the highest puff, battery capacity and other advanced features.

  • Moreover, you can also buy hayati pro max 4000 box of 10, which is best for individual vapers who like to have enough stock of vaping equipment so that when they need it, they can use it quickly without the stress of reordering. 

    Hayati Duo Mesh 7000 Disposable Vape

    Hayati Duo Mesh 7000 disposable vape is a matchless device that offers many valuable features. This device provides the highest 7000 puff capacity, which allows you to use it for a longer period and enjoy extended puffing between refills. This device is ideal for heavy vapers who like to consume more e-liquid frequently. In addition, the dual mesh coil technology of this device delivers the pure taste of e-liquid that tailors to heavy vapers' needs. It also assures that you always get the delightful sensation throughout its lifespan.

    Features of Hayati Duo Mesh 7000

    Here, we will review the exclusive features of this vape device.

  • Duo Mesh Coil: It has a duo mesh coil technology that is improve the e-liquid flavour and vapour clouds and make your vaping more natural and smooth. This feature also provides a natural and richer flavour.
  • E-Liquid Capacity: This device has a 14ml e-liquid capacity to whom you are intake many times before refilling. It has the largest e-liquid capacity compared to other devices. 
  • Battery Capacity: It has the most potent power supply, with a robust 1800mAh battery capacity that runs for an extensive duration and delivers a high puff count. Whether you use this device during travelling or outdoor activities, it never runs out of power at inappropriate times. 
    • Battery Type: This device is never rechargeable, which means you can use it at any time without any stress of recharging.

    Advantages of Hayati Duo Mesh 7000

    The features of this device are very eye-catching and offer the essential benefits:

    • Extended Vaping Sessions: Its impressive puff and largest power capacity give you lengthier and uninterrupted puffing. Every type of vape can rely on its battery capacity.
    • Superior Flavour Production: The Duo mesh coil technology significantly makes the vapour cloud smooth and improves the flavour fidelity.

    Disadvantages of Hayati Duo Mesh 7000

    Here, we will understand the disadvantages of the Hayati Duo Mesh 7000:

  • Single-use: This device never has a refilling or recharging option, so you can use it only once. When the e-liquid is finished, or the battery dies, you can replace this device with a new one to continue vaping.
  • MoreoverHayati Duo Mesh offers the option of a box of 10, which means you can also purchase in bulk and store many devices at once. Choosing this device in a box of 10 adds value and demonstrates that, with careful planning, excellent quality can also be affordable.

    Hayati Pro Ultra 15000 Disposable Vape

    Hayati Pro Ultra 15000 is the best Hayati product. It is popular in the vaping industry due to its invention and design. With this incredible vape, you can enjoy vaping like never before. You can get many modern features in only one device, which makes this device a favourite for every vaper. 

    Features of Hayati Pro Ultra 15000

    This device has outstanding features that give remarkable puffing sessions.

  • Puff Capacity (Over 15,000 Puffs): This device has more puff capacity than other vaping devices. It supplies extraordinary puffs that definitely satisfy you. 
  • 850mAh Rechargeable Battery: It is specially made with a rechargeable capacity and provides an 850mAh power supply. Its strong supply makes this device unique for seasoned or regular vapers. You can recharge your device after the battery dies, making it convenient for those who do not like frequent purchasing. 
  • Type-C Charging Port: This device comes with an advanced Type-C charging port, which can charge your device effectively and quickly. It means you have to spend less time waiting or more time vaping.
  • E-Juice Capacity: It has the largest e-liquid capacity, which is 2*12ml. It is the ideal capacity for heavy vapers.
  • Prefilled E-liquid: It is a prefilled device that gives you instant vaping when you take off right out of the box. 
    • Double E-Liquid Tank: It comes with double e-liquid flavours and makes it easy to switch the device from one flavour to another. It also reduces burnt taste, improves flavour, and creates dense vapour clouds.
  • Flavour Options: This vape has delicious flavours that will definitely gratify your taste buds. These flavours can recreate your childhood memories. Whether you want candy or mint tastes, this product has created all the flavours that give a sweet and cooling sensation.
  • Firing Mechanism: Draw-Activated: This device has a draw-activated mechanism means simply inhale and start vaping. This mechanism make the device When you take the first puff, the device is directly activated and delivers instant draws. This mechanism makes this device hassle-free and best for those who never want to use the old activation system. 
  • Sleek, Elegant Design: This disposable device has an elegant design and good to see. Whether you want to go on trips or any other outdoor activities, you can use it confidently in public places
  • Mesh Coil: The coils in every tank guarantee a steady and tasty supply of e-liquid. 
  • Switchable Mouthpiece: This device offers a customizable vaping experience with a switchable mouthpiece.
  • Visual Display Screen: Its visual screen display provides essential information, such as puff count, battery capacity, and nicotine strength. You can easily monitor and control your vape habits. 
  • Top and Bottom Protective Care Packaging: This device comes with protective cover packaging on the top and bottom that can keep your device safe. It can prevent a short circuit during charging.

  • Advantages of Hayati Pro Ultra 15000

    The design of this device is looking good and offers the highest features that give the essential benefits:

  • Extended Usability and High Convenience: Due to its rechargeable proficiency, this device can be used for a lengthy duration. Its switchable tank, dual e-liquid, flavour options, and many other features make this design accessible.
  • Customization and Control: It gives you flexibility in your vaping like you can set your devices according to your preferences and switch the mouthpiece when one e-liquid tank is depleted.

  • Disadvantages of Hayati Pro Ultra 15000

    Here, we will explain the disadvantages of this device:

    High Price: Although the initial cost of this device is higher than that of other vapes, but its rechargeability and long lifespan reduce the need for frequent replacements.

    Moreover, this vape device offers the bulk option, which means you can buy Hayati pro ultra 15000 box of 10. Buying in bulk is a budget-friendly option because it reduces the cost per unit device. Retailers can also purchase this device in a box of 10 for your vaping store.


    In conclusion, the Hayati category made the highest quality vapes with verified ingredients and materials. These vapes are budget-friendly, so whether you are an individual or a reseller, you can purchase this device individually or in bulk without breaking the bank from vape kick. These vapes have good functionality and give you more advantages than disadvantages. The above-mentioned details help you select the device that perfectly matches your requirements. Whether you are buying this device in bulk or individually, it delivers unmatched performance and satisfaction.

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